Tools for Supervisors

What’s your role in supporting your member’s career?

Our members are accountable for driving their career journeys. Supervisors help guide their member’s career journey by asking good questions, providing access to opportunities, feedback and suggestions.


Supporting your Member's Career

Here are some of the things that you can do to support your members with their careers:

  • Have regular career conversations with your members

  • Provide ongoing feedback and coaching to your members

  • Find career development opportunities for your members, examples include:

    • Uniform: leading a search warrant execution, witness interview, etc.

    • Civilian: leading a project, writing a business case, take on an acting role, leading team meetings, etc.

  • Connect your members with members who may be able to help them with their careers

Having a Career Conversation with your Team Member

Are you ready to support your member’s with their career journeys?


Having the right mindset and identifying development opportunities for yourself first, can help you with having effective career conversations and providing feedback and coaching to your members.


Here are a few self-assessments to help you identify any areas that you may need to refresh your memory before having a career conversation with your member.



Tools and Resources to Help Guide your Conversation


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