Foundations of Leadership Development Program

What is the Foundations of Leadership Development Program about? 

This four-day program is designed to develop the behaviours required for members’ current and future leadership roles at TPS, following our Competency Clusters: Our Development, Our Mindset, Our Impact and Our Connections.

Course Overview:

Our Development session looks at what it means to develop as a leader within TPS. Participants will discuss leadership accountabilities to develop themselves and others and explore the fundamentals of effective communication to lead and inspire. Participants will also complete a DiSC® profile to better understand their own communication preferences and work with a coaching approach to practice guiding others. 

Our Mindset looks at the mindset required to be a leader within TPS. Participants will discuss problem-solving techniques required to be adaptable, innovative and forward-thinking and the decision-making processes that help leaders stay solution-focused. Participants will also explore how to lead people through change and ways to address resistance to change.

Our Impact looks at the impact leaders have at TPS. Participants will explore what emotional intelligence is and why it is important to hold people accountable and deliver results. Participants will complete an EQ-i assessment to better understand personal strengths and blind spots and to identify ways to better manage and express emotions. Participants will also examine ways to build trust, navigate difficult conversations and motivate others as TPS leaders.

Our Connections session looks at the connections leaders need to be successful at TPS. Participants will explore ways to build connections and relationships to work collaboratively and to demonstrate that the TPS is service and community-focused. Participants will also identify personal steps to become an “inclusive leader” and explore issues related to diversity and inclusion for the internal and external groups TPS serves

How can I sign-up?

The course is for Civilian Supervisors, Sergeants and Staff Sergeants. 

You can register using Member Gateway.  The course code is 100055.

Registration occurs on a quarterly basis and requires Unit Commander approval.  

How can I prepare for the course?

For added insights on the knowledge you can expect to obtain through your participation in the Foundations of Leadership Development Program, take some time to review this pre-work guide

  • The guide outlines the course phases and assignments developed for each competency cluster.

  • Participants are expected to complete the pre-work guide in order to prepare for their participation in training.

Leadership Development Resources

Program Overview

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Development Guide

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Pre-Work Guide

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