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What is my Next Step?

What is the next step in my career journey?

It’s ok if you don’t have all the answers – it’s a journey and we’re on it together.

Consider what next steps and action plans will help you find answers and remember it’s important to be open-minded and curious.

Your development is ongoing: Make it a priority to revisit your plan regularly so it reflects your current priorities and interests and ensure you’re making progress

Take charge: Understand your strengths, work preferences, and your career aspirations.

Think about...


Take Charge!



A Reminder...

Knowing you have options when making career moves creates energy and momentum in managing your career. Use that energy to focus on your ongoing development to help you achieve your current and future career goals.

  • Understand your career aspirations.

  • Identify where you need to focus to be successful.

  • Take ownership of your career journey

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