We listened.

Toronto's neighbourhoods have gone through, and will continue to go through, dramatic changes. While the Service has done its best to respond, it is clear that a significant transformation is required to modernize the policing model and to ensure that it is inno­vative, affordable and sustainable. The Service is at the forefront in modernization and is charting a path forward. The Way Forward – The Toronto Police Service’s vision was developed through extensive consultations with residents, community organizations, and external experts, and initial feedback from the Service.


It is based on the principles of being accountable and trusted, being transparent and engaged, being inclusive and collaborative, and affordable and sustainable. It puts communities at the center and embraces partnerships, with officers focused on building relationships and local problem solving.

The Toronto Police Service Organizational Competency Framework is focused on translating the vision and the modernization journey into specific behavioural expectations – what will be expected of all members moving forward. The behavioural expectations will serve as a foundation for hiring new members, for clarifying what is and is not acceptable as we transform, for developing and growing our people, and for being transparent about what is required to be promoted. It is a critical support for our people to deliver excellent, modern policing services.


watch how it all came together. 

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