Foundations of Leadership Development Program Testimonials

Enjoyed working in groups and using case studies of actual TPS scenarios.

A/Inspector Heaney, D42

 I just wanted to take this time to personally thank you both for providing myself the opportunity to attend the Toronto Police Service Foundations of Leadership Development Program -  Pilot 1  held at the Toronto Police College, between December 9-12, 2019.


I found the pre-work Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i) assessment results to be very interesting. The results, provided myself a complete and accurate overview of my own Emotional Intelligence, showing my strengths and the areas that I needed to improve upon.


The main presenter was extremely knowledgeable and energetic. The course used real current policing change management scenarios (New Alternative Shift schedule implementation) for group discussion and working groups. The course taught us to “Our Mindset”, to be adaptable, innovative and forward thinking, while being solution focused.


I found this course extremely motivating and worthwhile. It has really made me take a hard look at my own leadership style’s and those that work with and for me.


I believe I will definitely be able to use most of these new ‎skills and enhance the ones I previously had. This will not only improve the working relationships around me, but also create better future leaders within the Service.

Darlene Pegg, Shift Supervisor, Prisoner Transportation Section, Court Services

The Foundations of Leadership Development Program is unlike any other training opportunity I’ve participated in, within in the service. It focuses on teaching and applying leadership concepts that directly correlate to our role specific competencies. One of the most challenging aspects of leadership training, is being able to put the theory into practice. This course is designed with that specific goal in mind. It provides an interactive environment where civilian and uniform Supervisors, Sergeant’s and Staff Sergeants work collaboratively through varying scenario’s and case studies. It fosters an environment to build meaningful connections and further our inclusivity.   


The course isn’t only focused on how you lead your team but how you manage your own personal growth. The EQ-i and D.I.S.C. tools used during the course were very valuable for this. 


One of my largest takeaways is how to use specific techniques (KUBA, four step feedback loop, gap analysis) to communicate with and develop my team.  


Since the course, I have connected with classmates for role specific information and assistance. I have also, referenced the course materials to provide professional guidance and insights to aspiring leaders.


I would highly recommend this course!

S/Sgt Andrew Ecklund, CEPU

 “The Service’s Core Competencies have always been just words on paper or ideals which needed to be met or exceeded at appraisal time.  The Leadership Development Course gave meaning and context to those words and demonstrated how I can put those competencies into action.   As a Staff Sergeant, I have been able to add new tools to my leadership toolkit.  The course was engaging, introspective, informative and fun.  After 4 days, I felt like I had learned something new and left with a better appreciation of what it means to be a leader in the Toronto Police Service.  I highly recommend this course to any current or future leader in the TPS. “

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