We are Accountable and Deliver Results


A modernized, community-centric Service is where we can take pride in doing our best.


How can I be more Accountable in my actions and Deliver Results?


What are our members saying about this competency?

We set high standards for ourselves and others, we behave with integrity, and take ownership and responsibility for our own actions and those of others to achieve the best outcomes for the Service and the communities we serve.


How can I further develop my skills?

Useful Tips

I am a Toronto Police Service Member

We act like owners and deliver on promises.

  • I deliver on commitments in a timely manner and professional manner.
  • I take pride and ownership of my work, and strive for excellence.
  • I act with integrity and take responsibility for my actions and decisions.
  • I do my best to add value, and expect the same of others.
  • I consistently strive to exceed objectives and standards of performance.

I am a Supervisor, Sergeant or Staff Sergeant

We provide clear expectations and hold people accountable.

  • I clearly communicate expectations regarding performance and conduct – what is and is not acceptable.
  • I promote a sense of ownership and accountability within the team for their actions.
  • I empower direct reports to make decisions.
  • I hold others accountable for achieving goals and acting appropriately.
  • I promptly address performance issues or inappropriate behaviour.
  • I am open to input and constructive feedback from lower levels, and act on it, where appropriate.

I am a Manager, Inspector or Superintendent

We foster a culture of ownership and accountability.

  • I create an environment where people are comfortable taking a stand and doing the right thing.
  • I have the courage and confidence to intervene and right a wrong, even when no one is watching.
  • I encourage others to aim high and to meet or exceed expectations.
  • I empower others by promoting decision making and ownership at all levels of the organization.

I am a Director, Staff Superintendent, Executive, Chief or Command Member

We set the example for ownership and accountability.

  • I set the example for accountability and ownership.
  • I take a stand and act against behaviour that is inconsistent with Service core values and governance.
  • I hold myself and others to the highest standards.
  • I assign appropriate resources to reach challenging goals aligned with Service priorities.
  • I drive and adapt Service priorities while managing challenges or setbacks.

Resources for all Members:

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