We are Adaptable, Innovative and Forward Thinking

The world around us is changing and the challenges we face are increasingly complex.


We cannot rely on the old ways of doing things and we need to think and act in different ways. This may mean embracing technology, but it also means trying new behaviours, forging new partnerships, and not just staying current -- but thinking ahead.


How can I be Adaptable, Innovative and Forward Thinking?


What are our members saying about this competency?

We are open to and positive about change. We anticipate the changing needs of the communities we serve. We are outward-looking and forward-thinking, and approach situations with a sense of curiosity. We seek to continuously improve the way we work to achieve better outcomes.


How can I further develop my skills ?

Useful Tips:

I am a Toronto Police Service Member

We are open and inquisitive.

  • I embrace change, and am open to progressive ways of doing things.
  • I am curious and ask questions to learn and know more.
  • I actively look for ways to make things better.
  • I identify potential opportunities or problems, and suggest solutions.
  • I am attuned to the changing needs of communities and the Service.

I am a Supervisor, Sergeant or Staff Sergeant

We encourage innovation and forward thinking in others.

  • I lead by example, and quickly adopt changes.
  • I explain the context and reasons for change, and support members in adapting to change.
  • I encourage members to bring forward new ideas and approaches.
  • I question the status quo, and step up to recommend new approaches.
  • I act on, acknowledge and support ideas from others.
  • I anticipate the impact of change on others, and support them through change.

I am a Manager, Inspector or Superintendent

We champion and create channels for innovation.

  • I identify and champion opportunities to innovate.
  • I actively look for new ideas and the latest thinking across the organization, outside the Service and beyond the policing sector.
  • I create opportunities and remove obstacles for members to bring forward ideas and approaches.
  • I seek and recommend leading edge technologies, services, programs and processes that will redefine the way the Service operates.

I am a Director, Staff Superintendent, Executive, Chief or Command Member

We bring outside ideas in.

  • I create and champion an environment that encourages, supports, values and rewards new ideas and ways of operating.
  • I sponsor strategic change initiatives and innovative approaches that ensure sustainability of the Service.
  • I scan and analyze future trends (e.g., social, political, environmental, demographic and technology) and their impact, and identify and act on innovative initiatives that will reshape service delivery.

Resources for all Members: 

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