We Develop Ourselves and Others


We cannot afford to be complacent. Our success hinges on us growing and developing and supporting each other on this journey.

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How can I Work Collaboratively?


What are our members saying about this competency?

We take ownership for pursuing our own learning and development, and actively encourage and support the development of others.


How can I further develop my skills?

Useful Tips

I am a Toronto Police Service Member

We commit to our own learning.

  • I know my personal strengths and development needs, and actively develop myself.
  • I proactively seek, am open to, and act upon feedback from others.
  • I continually build my knowledge, skills and abilities.
  • I reflect on my performance, learn from my experience, and act on it.
  • I share my knowledge and best practices to support the development of others.

I am a Supervisor, Sergeant or Staff Sergeant

We coach and develop others.

  • I encourage members to take ownership of their personal and professional development.
  • I create an environment where learning and development are valued, and model this through my own commitment to career development.
  • I provide real-time feedback, guidance and support, and help others learn from mistakes and setbacks.
  • I coach, guide, train, mentor and develop others.
  • I give both positive and constructive feedback, along with suggestions for improvement.
  • I identify high potentials and future leaders in my area, and put plans in place for their development.
  • I make myself available to mentor high potentials individuals, even outside my own area.

I am a Manager, Inspector or Superintendent

We grow our talent.

  • I provide longer-term coaching and mentoring to members.
  • I provide balanced feedback and developmental opportunities within and beyond my area to help people grow.
  • I identify future leaders across the Service, and look for specific opportunities to further their development, including my mentoring support.
  • I delegate challenging tasks and activities to develop others.
  • I know who the Service’s high potentials are, and ensure they get the mentoring and development opportunities needed to grow.

I am a Director, Staff Superintendent, Executive, Chief or Command Member

We create a culture of excellence.

  • I create and inspire a culture of excellence, high performance and continuous learning.
  • I create and inspire the environment in which talent development is a priority for the organization, and encourage all leaders to do so.
  • I drive succession planning efforts on aligning people’s capabilities with the current and future needs of the Service and the communities we serve.

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