We Lead and Inspire Others


Building strong leadership is key to a modern, community-centric Service, that is aligned, engaged, and passionate about the work we do.


How can I Lead and Inspire Others?

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What are our members saying about this competency?

We engage, inspire and motivate our people by creating a positive work environment, helping others understand how they contribute to the success of the Service, and modeling the Service’s core values.


How can I further develop my skills?

Useful Tips

I am a Toronto Police Service Member

We step up as a leader.

  • I am a role model and lead by example.
  • I take action without waiting to be told.
  • I demonstrate leadership in all that I do.
  • I proactively look for opportunities to add value and make a positive impact.

I am a Supervisor, Sergeant or Staff Sergeant

We provide clarity and support.

  • I communicate a clear direction, explain what needs to be done and why, and set clear expectations for the team.
  • I make sure people have the information and resources they need to do their job.
  • I build positive working relationships within the team to enhance effectiveness.
  • I provide positive and constructive feedback, and recognize successes and accomplishments.
  • I involve the team in problem solving and decision making to build engagement and commitment.
  • I adapt my leadership style to the needs of the team and individuals.
  • I address and work to resolve conflict within the team.
  • I inspire my team to strive for excellence.

I am a Manager, Inspector or Superintendent

We lead by example and build followership.

  • I reinforce and help others understand the vision and think positively about the future.
  • I seek to be a credible and authentic in my leadership.
  • I use a broad range of leadership approaches to energize, motivate and inspire others to do their best.
  • I lead with a sense of humility.

I am a Director, Staff Superintendent, Executive, Chief or Command Member

We communicate a compelling vision.

  • I communicate a vision for the Service that inspires confidence and optimism, and ensure alignment with the mission and core values of the Service.
  • I set an example across the organization for doing the right thing for members and the communities we serve.
  • I inspire and make the connection for others between what they do, the impact they have, and the achievement of the strategic vision or a common purpose.

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