We Work Collaboratively


Leadership and success is not about “me”, but rests on the “we”. 

Issues are too complex to tackle alone.


How can I Work Collaboratively?


What are our members saying about this competency?

We collaborate with others to create safe communities and an efficient and effective Toronto Police Service. We build and maintain collaborative relationships and partnerships by being open to others’ ideas, goals and perspectives, and appropriately sharing information. We ensure alignment within and across groups.


How can I further develop my skills?

Useful Tips

I am a Toronto Police Service Member

We are good team players.

  • I co-operate with others to get things done and achieve shared goals.
  • I give credit to others.
  • I build trust in my relationships with members, community partners and the communities we serve.
  • I seek and respect others’ input and perspectives, even when different from my own.
  • I share information (where appropriate), ideas and experience with others in the Service and the communities we serve.
  • I collaborate with others in the best interest of the Service and the communities we serve, regardless of rank, position or seniority.

I am a Supervisor, Sergeant or Staff Sergeant

We encourage collaboration within and beyond the team.

  • I encourage members to build positive internal and external relationships, act with transparency, and share information, ideas and approaches.
  • I align objectives, plans and decisions with other units in the organization.
  • I build a strong internal and external network to deliver results and meet the needs of our communities.
  • I leverage and showcase the strengths of others.

I am a Manager, Inspector or Superintendent

We foster collaboration across groups.

  • I bring groups together on key decisions and initiatives to build the best solutions.
  • I identify and remove barriers to enable others to build relationships both inside and outside the organization.
  • I create and maintain relationships within the Service, the communities we serve, and with key stakeholders and partners to meet the longer term needs of communities.
  • I encourage partnerships that are beneficial to communities, the Service, partners, stakeholders and members.
  • I take action to ensure that rank, position and seniority do not impede collaboration.
  • I hold people accountable for collaborating (i.e., sharing ideas, approaches, solutions and information) across the Service.

I am a Director, Staff Superintendent, Executive, Chief or Command Member

We create a culture of collaboration.

  • I put systems and processes in place that foster alignment and collaboration across groups.
  • I engage and leverage strategic partnerships to further the Service’s priorities.
  • I work collaboratively with Service members, the Police Services Board, the municipal government and community partners to deliver on the Service’s mission.

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